30 May 2019, 4:19 pm

Plant Protection Department Affirms Readiness to Eradicate Locusts

The Department of Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced that it has received reports of the emergence of desert locust spots in solitary confinement in the Northern and Nile states which has not reached the stage of assembly and composition of the swarms.
The head of the locust news agency of the Plant Protection Adminstration, Engineer Hussein Osman Abakr, said that his administration has enhanced the already existing team work with a team with ground equipment and 4 wheel drive vehicles to stand on face of any locust attacks.
He stressed the administration’s readiness to eradicate the locusts in an area of 460 hectares in Abu Hamad and Tangasai areas, while the work teams is carrying work in the center and local areas in the process of surveys and control.
He pointed out that the locusts were eradicated in the past two days, saying that “locusts did not reach the collective stage and the formation of swarms, especially that the locusts are located in the agricultural axis areas where irrigation and moisture help the breed of locusts, declaring the presence of aircraft and sufficient quantities of pesticides to eliminate locust pockets.