31 May 2019, 11:26 am

RYA Calls for Achievement of Political Agreement

Member of Revolutionary Youth Alliance( RYA) Ahmed Othman Abuhigil has called all political forces ,forces of Freedom and Change, the professionals and Civil Society Organizations for collaboration in order to achieve a political agreement and prevent hijacking of the revolution.
In his statement at SUNA forum Thursday during which RYA presented ‘’the patriotic initiative’’ Abuhigil stressed the importance of speeding the formation of the government of competences.
He said all political forces should involve in the upcoming government except parties and political forces that have participated in the former regime.
Moreover, Abuhigil called for setting up the political atmosphere to encourage solving the outstanding issues particularly the public livelihood
Abuhigil underscored the important role of Sudan Armed Forces and other regular forces in the recent political change and their backing for the aspiration of public demands.
For his part Member of the political committee of (RYA) highlighted the objectives of the alliance which he said aimed at achieving national consensus between the components of Sudanese people, preserved the achievements and prevent any possible hijacking of the revolution gains.