13 June 2019, 10:03 am

Assistant to US foreign affairs affirms his country’s support to achieve agreement between SP and TMC

Assistant to the United State foreign affairs minister for African Affairs, Ambassador Tibor Nag, affirmed his country’s support for the efforts of the African Union and the Ethiopian mediation, to achieve agreement between the Sudanese parties and the military council in the transitional period and stressed that the international community endeavor to the success of efforts to achieve democratic transformation in Sudan.

Ambassador Tibor began a visit to Sudan, where he held meetings with Sudanese officials, assigned Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Ambassador Elham Ibrahim in her office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He expressed his great admiration towards the Sudanese revolution and expressed his hope that the possibility of upgrading the diplomatic representation between the two countries to the ambassadorial level and removing the name of Sudan from the state sponsors terrorism would be achieved.

For her part, the Assigned Foreign Secretary welcomed the visit of the US official, briefing him on the political developments in the country and pointed to the ongoing efforts to achieve a consensus on transitional arrangements and the formation of a civil government that will establish a full democratic transition.