10 November 2019, 10:02 am

Al Burhan vows to fight the corrupters

The head of Sudan’s sovereignty council, Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah al-Burhan, called on Saturday to miss the opportunity for those seeking to abort the process of change in the country, declaring their readiness to protect the gains of the revolution with their lives.
Al-Burhan demanded during the signing ceremony of the reconciliation document between the Awadiya and Abbabdeh tribes in Shendi city, to unify the Sudanese ranks to ensure the stability of the country.
Al-Burhan described the change in the country as real, saying it is the result of the complementary roles between the people and the armed forces.
He called on the Sudanese to support the transitional authority and on the resistance committees in the neighborhoods to be a support for the government.
He added: “We are ready to protect the revolution made by the Sudanese people and improve the living conditions and fight corruption.” “We will lose our lives for the country.”
Al-Burhan’s statement coincide with the arrival of a delegation from the Revolutionary Front to the capital Khartoum to hold a number of meetings with the Councils of Sovereignty and Ministers and a number of political forces.