1 March 2017, 11:29 am

Sudanese Organization for Press Freedoms launches its annual report

The Sudanese Organization on Press Freedom will launch its annual report on the situation of freedom of the press in the Sudan and the globe, at a ceremony to be organized Today, Dr. Najeeb Adam Gamar Eddin said

Gammar Eddin, the president of the organization, said the report covers the outgoing year 2016, focusing on the situation of the press in the Sudan and the world and that the organization has been monitoring all violation against human rights in the country and noting down all record about killing, torture or arrest of journalist, putting the whole finding before the decision makers and the press of the world.

He said the report which will be made public Wednesday focuses on The press freedoms in the Sudan, in Africa, Asia, East Europe and west Europe, north America and South America and Russia, with maps and tables details the finding and various violation.

He said the report also calls for more protection for journalists in third world countries as well as in the developed countries