6 March 2017, 10:39 am

PNC hold general conference meeting towards end of current March

The Popular Congress Party yesterday announced holding its general conference on March the 25th, in Buri while at the same time commemorating the first anniversary of the departure of its founder, the late Sheikh Hassan Turabi..

Member of the Popular Congress party Abdul Aal Makeen has commended the national dialogue which he said provided huge space for participation and opened for political parties’ freedoms. He said this meeting of the party is the first since the famous split within the Islamic group..

He said committees have been set to prepare the event which will be attended by participants from inside and outside the country including the top leaders of the Islamic movements around the globe.

He said the meeting which will be addressed by leaders of political forces from inside and outside the Sudan, will also discuss a number of working and concept papers and a new secretary general for the party will be elected.