13 March 2017, 11:04 am

Bakri Meets Group of Political Parties’ Leaders

The First Vice – President of the Republic and National Prime Minster, received in his office at the Republican Palace a group of representatives of the political forces which included the National People’s Alliance, Al-Watan, and the Sudanese Independent Politicians Parties.

In a press statement, the leader of Al-Watan Party, Maj. Gen. Omran Yahia, said that the meeting has discussed the challenges facing the coming government and the criteria for participation and the contribution of the political parties to implementation of the national dialogue outcome.

He said that that the meeting has underscored the importance of political accord in the coming stage.

Yahia has expressed his party’s welcome to the release of the accused persons and convicts of the People’s Movement, regarding this step as a good overture conductive to realization of peace and accord in the country.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General and spokesman of the party, Abdul-Aziz Al-Nur, has regarded the release of convicts and accused persons as a good response, affirmation to the good will and an important step for building mutual confidence between the government and the armed movements.

He indicated that the pardon and release of the convicts has affirmed the commitment to the national dialogue’s outcome.

Al-Watan party has welcomed the ongoing consultations between the National Prime Minister and the dialogue forces, calling on the armed movements to speed up their move for realization of peace.