15 April 2017, 9:12 am

SCOVA meets EU ambassador to Sudan

Sudan Council of Voluntary Agencies’ (SCOVA) delegation, headed its Chairman Dr. Nasr-Eddin Shalqami has met with the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Sudan Mr. Jean-Michel Dumond.

Dr. Shalqami said, in a press statement, that the delegation briefed the ambassador on the role of the council, its goals, programs and future plans as well as a number of its projects including training and raising capacities of more than 4,000 voluntary organizations in Sudan in addition to the linkage of these organizations with their counterpart at the regional and international levels.

  1. Shalqami pointed out that the ambassador expressed his understanding to the role of civil society organizations in bridging the gap between the state and society in the various fields of health, education, environment and others. He affirmed the European Union’s readiness to cooperate with the council in implementing all its projects to serve the issues of Sudanese local communities, particularly in the field of capacity building of the Sudanese organizations and their linkage with European organizations.